Friday, 25 November 2011

Nearly Xmas =)

Yakult Tip Jars... Oh-So-Cute!
Peach Ice Tea with Strawberry & Passionfruit Popping Juice Bubbles!
Warm Matcha Green Milk Tea /Mocha Milk Tea with a delicious whipped cream topping! My current faves =)
It's been a while... only just catching back up with internet world of blogging and updating... have been without internet for a month, but what seems like a decade! However did we survive back in the nineties when internet was charged per minute and only available on our chunky desktop screens?! I've been uber busy recently with helping the sister to run the bubble tea shop whilst she and her fiance went on a blissful holiday to Asia. It's been going great so far, with such positive feedback. I <3 seeing people get excited - especially kids when they see our BoBo Tea fruities and our brand creates such a bubbly buzz around the stand. It's quite rewarding =) Obviously with great success comes imitation, and another bubble tea kiosk opened this week who have been very sneaky gathering information from us, but it doesn't dishearten us!

" Creators Never Fail... We Carry On Creating "

So... instead I've just been busy designing and making sure our stand is looking bubbly and up to scratch... for Xmas, there's been a frugaloo £1 deal so If you haven't tried it, do so now =)

As for people who have been requesting for lingerie shoots... please bear with me as I've been so bogged down with other commitment. I'll contact you guys as soon as I'm free for some more dreamy shoots with you talented snappers =)


Friday, 19 August 2011

I'm a Gilly Girl...who loves to slurp tea!

My favourites: apple ice tea with apple jelly! Strawberry ice tea with strawberry bubbles and original milk tea with tapioca YUM!

(L-R clockwise) Peach Ice Tea with grape jelly, Mango Ice Tea with mango bubbles, Lychee Ice Tea with apple jelly, Strawberry Ice Tea with Lychee bubbles and guava slush with apple jelly @ BoBo Tea Manchester

My absolute favourite of favourites: Matcha Green Tea Frappe! MmMm!! (These were staff drinks hehe)

What a mad two weeks!>< I've been non stop preparing and working with Jacqui & the team to make sure the new opening of BoBo Tea in the Arndale Centre went smoothly. It was an extremely successful day- I'm so proud of my sister and everyone who's been doing their part! We worked solidly through the 9th August opening day and I didn't get a sip of tea til 6pm! We had an amazingly busy day despite closing early due to the riots in Manchester, and sold out of tea in two hours! We had a visit from Bluewater, the lady loved my branding for BoBo Tea and is really keen to have us in their shopping centre despite receiving so many requests from people to open one! Yayy! Really looking forward to seeing the second kiosk opening, which I may be managing =)

I still love my lingerie, theres no doubt about that, when i set foot (surprisingly!) for the first time into Gilly Hicks (Westfields) and Boux Avenue (Blue Water) earlier this week. I instantly fell in love with the whole look of the Boux Avenue store- a much prettier version of Ann Summers, just what I wanted to see happen in shopping centres. The hangers made the products look uber expensive, although I wasn't convinced on the underwear styles. Gilly Hicks did not disappoint either, with an expected Abercrombie/Hollister look to the store, but OMG! all the mannequins were dressed in cute bras, shorts and cardis! Definately my favourite at-home 'lounge look'. Took home the cutest sleep shorts in their signature floral print. Would have got the matching bra and knicker is they were in a set- boo! and also the cute navy 'G' cardi which they were sold out in! Sounds like a second trip is in order for next week? 25%off Gilly Hicks Shopping event? oOo yes pleeeease!!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

My inner weakness:Crazy Kawaii Cuteness!

Cute cupcakes - I can't rmb the designer but she's super talented. I'll try find out!

I remember back at uni, we were designing a project for WOW, and my lecturer, Dee, said to me that I should design something that is really more 'my style'. She noticed my pencil case, bag and notebooks were far from the sophisticated belongings of a 'mature student'... and suggested i design a collection with cute little motifs on them. NOWAY!
However much I love cute smiley-faced colourful milk cartons and Rilakumma plushies, it is one thing that just can't be combined with the inner love of romantic, pretty lingerie that I so enjoy designing. They are complete opposites, and you could say that I'm a two-faced designer because I'm completely torn between the two styles.
Growing up in an Oriental culture, I naturally became a Hello Kitty worshipper at a young age, and it didn't seem to wear off with age; if anything I'm more obsessed than ever before. If I don't spend my nights scouring blogs and websites for Swarovski and lingerie related images, I'm sat there in complete fascination looking for cute things. On the otherside, I actually spent most of my life in Europe so with the western influence, I became captivated by the glamorous and grown-up society of living in UK, which eventually led me to lingerie design.

My unhealthy obsession with all things cute needs to be vented another way! Now that my sister has started her business in bubble tea I <3 BoBo Tea (a very popular drink in Asia/US with a variety of flavours and chewy tapioca balls) I have somewhere to channel my cute obsession yet at the same time carry on with what I earnt a degree in! I'm ever more excited now that I am able to design both without having to combine the two!
Most recently I've been designing her brand identity, menu, graphics, uniforms and also everything along the way from promotion to press releases. Its been so hands on and challenging its almost become an internship!
I've had so much input into the image of the store I feel like its a big part of what I am that is being represented. Can't wait for the launch in 4 days!! Eeek!

My lingerie at The Night of the Catwoman show, Studio Valbonne 29th July 2011

BoBo Tea menu i designed for my sister (Photos and artwork are copyright -BoBo Tea Ltd. )

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


A bubbly twist on the Nation's favourite drink!

Lately I've put the lingerie on hold in favour of designing for my sister's new bubble tea cafe opening in Manchester Arndale Centre on 8th Aug 2011!
Its been super exciting tasting all the new drinks, and putting together the menu. It will be released this week so watch out! In the meantime you can check out the fan page I ♥ BoBo
Tea and click 'LIKE' to support her! Bubble Tea has been a huge hit across Asia, America and
Australia and only in recent years slowly becoming a hit with the British.
It's not your average PG Tips, it is served hot, cold or blended with ice in lots of interesting flavours, so do come and try it out! =) My personal favourites are the original milk BoBo tea served cold, and the Matcha Green Tea ice blended frap! Super yum! x

MILK TEAS: Taro Milk BoBo Tea & Honeydew Melon BoBo Tea
FRUIT TEAS: Lemon Green Tea & Lychee Green Tea with Apple & Lychee Jellies

Saturday, 9 July 2011

What a productive week!

Pieces from my collection with their pretty tags =)
Miss Josephine @ Mint Siren <3 <3 <3
The Monday social @ The Lingerie Collective store in Carnaby- free cocktails =)!

Team :Amber-Bonn! Me and LCF winner Bianca Laporta
Carried all this solo all the way to London & back! x_x

Wow. What a week it's been! Been a tad busy (and quite frankly tired) to post the day I got back from the show. The event on the whole was just absolutely fantastic! We've had such positive feedback from buyers and getting some interest for blogs and publications, its all moving so fast! Being able to meet buyers from Selfridges, Fenwicks and ASOS was quite exciting, its not everyday that such important people can give their time of day for graduates to present work to them!

Kelly, the organiser of the show and the competition has just been such a star! She must juggle so much and Bianca and I have been so thankful that she's given us this opportunity, not only to get us noticed, but also a possibility of getting some exclusive pieces made for her shop on Carnaby Street! Tres exciting!! It's really given me a great motivation to carry on and not give up!

So, yesterday was The Collection showcase of new designers @Studio Valbonne held by
The place itself was so stunning! Glitter walls, button back leather doors, suede red sofa booths... absolute divine! The models provided by agency Edge Models, and choreographer Rueben who was the funniest man of the night!
Very pleased with the night, despite the episode when a model nearly walked onto the runway wearing the corset upside down (OMFG!) Thankgod i decided to stay backstage!
Grande Finale
Edge Model & Stylist @ Redken
Beaut hair!!
Redken hair team

Monday, 27 June 2011

CTKKIT Shoot Day

Christina Wan Contour Fashion Graduate Collection x CTKKIT PHOTOGRAPHY

L-R: Vintage Chanel perfume bottles, White & pink flowers by Jane Packer, Debenhams, £8 each, a selection of Swarovski crystal necklaces, Swarovski, Royal Doulton glass champagne bucket & flute(x4) set, House of Fraser, £70, Truffle red suedette stiletto heels, Arndale, £25, Chantilly French lace & Champagne silk satin corset,
Swarovski-crystallized French Chantilly lace & blush silk suspender belt, Swarovski crystallized French Chantilly lace mink silk French knickers, all a selection from my graduate collection 'Suite 143' by Christina Bonn Lux.
CTKKIT in action!
Excited was not quite the word. Having tried to plan a photoshoot with him since last year, we've finally gotten round to it, and I'm very pleased that it had taken a year because there would be no better person I could think of that I'd be honoured to have to shoot my graduate collection. Today was absolutely amazing! I felt like I was off to dress a celebrity! He was very cool and moody to begin with, but throughout the day he loosened up and was just fantastic. We had models cancel last minute, weather playing tricks on up, but eventually held out for a bright sunny location shoot in Sutton Coldfield Park.
A very skillful photographer, managing to play with what he's got, and bringing out the best in every model. I'm very much looking forward to seeing the final images and hopefully get them ready for the Lingerie Collective exhibition! =)
All in all, I couldn't have wished for more- 4 beaut models (with lady lumps!) - Maria, Amy, Rebecca & Charley and a top photographer. Andy & Sean along with Kit's team made fantastic assistants and back of scene photographers & not forgetting MUAs Aiko Tsang & Ami Street for absolutely stunning makeup and hair!
Thanks to everyone who made the day such a laugh and very productive! =) Now to tidy the aftermath in the flat. O.M.G!
Roll on the editing! x
MUA Amy crystallizing Maria's eyes
Charley with her gorgeous ring-let!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Showcasing at The Lingerie Collective

It has been such a long and eventful week!!!Too busy to blog but here's an update of the week:

Image taken from:

From finding out an outfit from my graduate collection has gone missing after the Freemason's exhibition, to finding out I've won a place to showcase at The Lingerie Collective!! The most prestigious luxury lingerie tradeshow in UK, frequented by buyers from Selfridges and all the lingerie boutiques on London, words can not describe how excited I am!!!

So alongside from preparing for the show, and remaking the missing pieces from the collection, I've also finally managed to get the very talented CTKKIT Photographer from Hong Kong to shoot my collection!

Models : Lara Raybone, Raphaella McNamara,Sophie Riley , Amy Green

Model : Stacey Hannant , Mike David CTKKIT PHOTOGRAPHY

So very busy indeed planning, organising and sewing! I feel like I have still not finished at uni!

I feel very blessed to be given all these opportunities but also a pat on my back because I think I've really pushed myself to get to where I am. Not having gotten on the degree catwalk has not turned me bitter but instead driven me to strive for more!

The hard work has certainly paid off because I've also secured a space on 'The Collection' catwalk, showcasing in London 8th July 2011,in association with FashionCapital and Edge Models.My designs alongside the luxury swimwear label Paolita! =) Neat.
Come and party with us on Friday 8th July! Studio Valbonne, Mayfair London.
Tickets: £25 VIP £10 Door £8.50 Advance
If you would like to work with me, please drop me an email:

Thursday, 16 June 2011

DMU Contour Catwalk 2011

So I didn't get on the show, but I attended the other day and was quite blown away by some of the talent! Everyone will get their time and some of these truly deserved it! One of my gorge friends Emily Smith did a beaut black lace collection which I loved... So pround of u beau! Also a fave was Ashley Edge from Fashion & Contour who opened the show with a fantastic futuristic collection which lit up in blue piped lights. In absolute awe!
To see the rest of the catwalk show click on the above link on Lingerie Insight.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Top 10 Finalist @ Lingerie Collective

OMGG!! Can't believe I've been selected as a top 10 to win a showcase at The Lingerie Collective with high-end luxury lingerie designers at a tradeshow that attracts top buyers and international press!

All i need now is ALL YOUR VOTES! So please get on every mac/PC/Phone and get voting for me:
Christina Wan @ -A leading trade publication for lingerie and swimwear.


Thursday, 2 June 2011

© Ali Lomas Photography. All Rights Reserved
© Ali Lomas Photography. All Rights Reserved
© Ali Lomas Photography. All Rights Reserved
Great week ahead! Just did an amazing photoshoot with the very talented Ali Lomas, model and photographer, she has a gorgeous feminine style about her that really matches my vision so collaborating with her on the two collections we shot was just ideal! She did such a good job. Check out her blog! Below are some of the pictures. The models were equally amazing-managing to capture the exact mood i wanted to each story. Well done girl Tash, Amy & Andy! x

Photographer: Ali Lomas Photography
Models: Natasha Morris, Andy Cheung @ & Amy Di Bartolomeo
Hair Stylist: Elli Court
Lingerie: Christina Bonn Lux
Location: The Canal, The Arden Hotel, Stratford Upon Avon

© Ali Lomas Photography. All Rights Reserved

© Ali Lomas Photography. All Rights Reserved
© Ali Lomas Photography. All Rights Reserved
© Ali Lomas Photography. All Rights Reserved

A very interesting day out in Stratford Upon Avon! A big thankyou to luxury 4* The Arden Hotel for giving us a complimentary room and a gorgeous garden location for shooting.

Also a big congrats to my gorgeous boyfriend who has just secured himself a contract with the well known international modelling agency AMCK models! I knew he would make it the first time i set my eyes on him! So very excited for him!

My next shoot will hoepfully be with another very talented photographer, whom I won't disclose yet, but he has been such an inspiration to me and its going to be a huge honour to work with him! Look out for my update =)x

Friday, 27 May 2011

Lingerie Collective

*I do not take credit for all of the images in these photos. If you wish to be credited or have them removed, please email me at

"The Lingerie Collective is a group of independent UK & International lingerie designers with a shared passion for exquisite lingerie,hosiery & accessories.

Our Mission is To promote and support independent UK & International fashion lingerie brands

The Lingerie Collective has opened its doors to it’s newest store in the heart of London selling lingerie and accessories. The boutique features the best of British & International fashion lingerie brands." Taken from

Lingerie Insight, a top industry magazine, has collaborated with The Lingerie Collective to offer one student a chance to exhibit with the group of luxury lingerie designers at the tradeshow in July. How super exciting! Well after a fight with two heavy suitcases of final collection work which I was only allowed to pick up today in time for the last day of entry, rushed home to snap up some photos and sent off my application. I suppose it would be a bonus to get picked but its great for me to be able to finally enter competitions now I've finished uni. This is the first one so far so I'm excited for feedback.

Take a look at my entry =)