Friday, 25 November 2011

Nearly Xmas =)

Yakult Tip Jars... Oh-So-Cute!
Peach Ice Tea with Strawberry & Passionfruit Popping Juice Bubbles!
Warm Matcha Green Milk Tea /Mocha Milk Tea with a delicious whipped cream topping! My current faves =)
It's been a while... only just catching back up with internet world of blogging and updating... have been without internet for a month, but what seems like a decade! However did we survive back in the nineties when internet was charged per minute and only available on our chunky desktop screens?! I've been uber busy recently with helping the sister to run the bubble tea shop whilst she and her fiance went on a blissful holiday to Asia. It's been going great so far, with such positive feedback. I <3 seeing people get excited - especially kids when they see our BoBo Tea fruities and our brand creates such a bubbly buzz around the stand. It's quite rewarding =) Obviously with great success comes imitation, and another bubble tea kiosk opened this week who have been very sneaky gathering information from us, but it doesn't dishearten us!

" Creators Never Fail... We Carry On Creating "

So... instead I've just been busy designing and making sure our stand is looking bubbly and up to scratch... for Xmas, there's been a frugaloo £1 deal so If you haven't tried it, do so now =)

As for people who have been requesting for lingerie shoots... please bear with me as I've been so bogged down with other commitment. I'll contact you guys as soon as I'm free for some more dreamy shoots with you talented snappers =)