Thursday, 28 April 2011

Final Collection Update

Not posted in a while due to immense amount of work pressure. Headache from ordering and dealing with major project is actually a good starting point to teach you on management qualities and organisational skills. I've not only had to research, design and develop a lingerie collection, but also going to shows (Salon International, Moda) and ordering trims, fabric, crystals, laser cutting, technical and market research into where I would like my brand to be placed etc. There's so much going on at the moment that if I weren't actually planning to start up a business, would be so much wasted efforts! Well over the easter, I've done quite alot, with my silk chiffon arriving from France, Chatilly lace from london, and Swarovski crystals from America, and laser cutting just finished last week, I'm all set up for churning out the collection. I've been busy lately crystallising my lace which is slowly taking shape and looking pretty sparkly =) Photos will be put up once collection is complete as its all under wraps atm!

I've spent the last 3 days working on illustrator...What a fustrating task! finally getting the hang of creating more and more professional technical drawings but its taking round the clock hours to complete front, back and coloured versions of my 17 piece collection! argh!
Looks like the Royal Wedding is going to be a background noise tomorrow! PDM packs to be completed... with maybe a quick peek at Kate's dress and shoes!

Phew... more updates soon to follow my progress on my final collection =)