Thursday, 2 February 2012

I'm Back!!

It's been 2 months since I updated, but before I start, happy 2012!^^ I put off posting here and haven't been regular because A-I was probably busy and B- I think I just needed time to myself to work out exactly what I wanted to do since it has been half a year since I graduated. In some sense I could say I've been 'interning' for my sister at BoBo Tea, dealing with all the creative aspects of the business and running it whilst they were away in Taiwan last year which has taught me a tremendous amount in the last 9 months about management, consumer, marketing, design and also about my own direction. I realised that no job would be able to give you everything you've ever dreamed of - not for my sister nor me anyway. She worked for a big corporate firm and in the end, felt more content running her own business making colourful drinks.
It was then I realised that I didn't want to wait on other people to tell me what to do, how much I can order, how I can and cannot work and relying on someone else to realise my designs when actually I am capable of doing this all myself. It's been inspiring researching and meeting lovely people from all with that same passion and gift as me - to design and work for myself. Yes, I am still working from the ground up. I'm not exactly earning a bankers' wage, but at least I am content with what I do and I love my 'job'.

Here's some of the Etsians I was talking about earlier =)

Jesseanne who makes jewelry and has cute pendants for sale. Very whimsical and romantic styling. She works in watercolours and also metalwork. Check out her shop at the above link!

Studiolemyx - another Etsian, makes fimo clay jewelry, similar to myself, we have a love of minature cute food in common, but look at her gorgeous dinky waffle charm! Looks way cuter than the Thomas Sabo charms!=)

and finally, if you want to visit my shop, I will be adding more lingerie inspired pieces soon, but at the moment the focus is on accessories: please let me know what you think!
It's called Kookii Boutique -  the more luxe items are designed under the Christina Bonn Lux label and the cute items are designed under the Kookii Boutique label.
I make charm bracelets....necklaces .... rings
and just had a go at 3D nails and loved them!
and also customized fake cake boxes - currently a favourite for Valentine's day gifts!

Hope you have fun shopping- get 10% discount when you quote code: CBL10 at checkout.

Much Love, Christina x