Saturday, 9 July 2011

What a productive week!

Pieces from my collection with their pretty tags =)
Miss Josephine @ Mint Siren <3 <3 <3
The Monday social @ The Lingerie Collective store in Carnaby- free cocktails =)!

Team :Amber-Bonn! Me and LCF winner Bianca Laporta
Carried all this solo all the way to London & back! x_x

Wow. What a week it's been! Been a tad busy (and quite frankly tired) to post the day I got back from the show. The event on the whole was just absolutely fantastic! We've had such positive feedback from buyers and getting some interest for blogs and publications, its all moving so fast! Being able to meet buyers from Selfridges, Fenwicks and ASOS was quite exciting, its not everyday that such important people can give their time of day for graduates to present work to them!

Kelly, the organiser of the show and the competition has just been such a star! She must juggle so much and Bianca and I have been so thankful that she's given us this opportunity, not only to get us noticed, but also a possibility of getting some exclusive pieces made for her shop on Carnaby Street! Tres exciting!! It's really given me a great motivation to carry on and not give up!

So, yesterday was The Collection showcase of new designers @Studio Valbonne held by
The place itself was so stunning! Glitter walls, button back leather doors, suede red sofa booths... absolute divine! The models provided by agency Edge Models, and choreographer Rueben who was the funniest man of the night!
Very pleased with the night, despite the episode when a model nearly walked onto the runway wearing the corset upside down (OMFG!) Thankgod i decided to stay backstage!
Grande Finale
Edge Model & Stylist @ Redken
Beaut hair!!
Redken hair team

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