Saturday, 6 August 2011

My inner weakness:Crazy Kawaii Cuteness!

Cute cupcakes - I can't rmb the designer but she's super talented. I'll try find out!

I remember back at uni, we were designing a project for WOW, and my lecturer, Dee, said to me that I should design something that is really more 'my style'. She noticed my pencil case, bag and notebooks were far from the sophisticated belongings of a 'mature student'... and suggested i design a collection with cute little motifs on them. NOWAY!
However much I love cute smiley-faced colourful milk cartons and Rilakumma plushies, it is one thing that just can't be combined with the inner love of romantic, pretty lingerie that I so enjoy designing. They are complete opposites, and you could say that I'm a two-faced designer because I'm completely torn between the two styles.
Growing up in an Oriental culture, I naturally became a Hello Kitty worshipper at a young age, and it didn't seem to wear off with age; if anything I'm more obsessed than ever before. If I don't spend my nights scouring blogs and websites for Swarovski and lingerie related images, I'm sat there in complete fascination looking for cute things. On the otherside, I actually spent most of my life in Europe so with the western influence, I became captivated by the glamorous and grown-up society of living in UK, which eventually led me to lingerie design.

My unhealthy obsession with all things cute needs to be vented another way! Now that my sister has started her business in bubble tea I <3 BoBo Tea (a very popular drink in Asia/US with a variety of flavours and chewy tapioca balls) I have somewhere to channel my cute obsession yet at the same time carry on with what I earnt a degree in! I'm ever more excited now that I am able to design both without having to combine the two!
Most recently I've been designing her brand identity, menu, graphics, uniforms and also everything along the way from promotion to press releases. Its been so hands on and challenging its almost become an internship!
I've had so much input into the image of the store I feel like its a big part of what I am that is being represented. Can't wait for the launch in 4 days!! Eeek!

My lingerie at The Night of the Catwoman show, Studio Valbonne 29th July 2011

BoBo Tea menu i designed for my sister (Photos and artwork are copyright -BoBo Tea Ltd. )

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