Thursday, 26 May 2011

Busy Hectic Crazy week!

To start off the week, I was designing logos, layouts and uniforms for a new bubble tea shop opening this summer in Manchester... it's gonna be big so watch out! Bringing the quirky,fun and cute Japanese lifestyle over. UK needs abit of livening up! We can only take so much frappucinos (& calories!)every summer!

Next I've been busy with meetings with the pastor of my mum's church who's tying the knot this september-finally! Very shocked at the news but feel super honoured to be asked to design the veil to compliment her dress. Stay posted to see the finished piece! Very inspired by the late Royal wedding of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge! Ohh she looked stunning...

Also through the week, I've been busy planning shoots for the weekend which will be very exciting to be working with a wide range of creatives to create some lovely lookbooks and portfollio pieces. More details and pictures of the shoots to follow.

As if that was not enough, I have also been packing all week to prepare for my move to the boy's place. I am sat next to now what resembles a jumble sale, the contents of my room waiting for me to unpack it ugh! Needing something interesting in the background to keep me going so I might do some catchup on ITV player...

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